Processing machine means processing X-ray film, CT, MPI and other medical film equipment. The washing process of Processing machine consists of four parts, which is developing, fixing, washing and drying, the film first place sometime in a developing liquid containing a developing fuel tank, and after that in a preparing tank that contains the repairing fluid is applied a particular time next rinse the clean tank, and eventually drying, the process of washing is complete.

However, temperature and time are required during the four process, and developing and fixing process for liquid concentration required.

There are four states of Processing machine which including colder}, Preheat, washing and self-test. Cold state that is on the system power, but does not work; no warm-up state within the film but the work area that is machine heated to a certain temperature, when there is a carry films can be rapidly heated to a temperature of washing; washing process carried out when washing condition; self when the check status Check whether the implementing agencies normally. Processing machine is easy to use, avoiding the washing chemical liquid films on the human body injury, got the favor of major hospitals, occupy a large market share as well.

Processing machine with a liquid circulation system, so that the liquid is filtered ﹑ tank thermostat and supplement ongoing cycle, in order to maintain the normal processing of the necessary ingredients in the liquid, concentration and temperature constant. Digital heat control designer temperatures can be preserved within ±0.1℃, other liquid is±1℃. Replenisher can be quantified by the meter or metering pumps or excessive complement, supplement as well as the film may perhaps even be relative to the size of the group by automated replenishment mode. Usually a variety of liquid regular sampling for chemical analysis to check whether its elements precisely, and also frequently filtering manage bomber, using a photosensitive fluid got calculated towards compare the position. The need for relative motion between the liquid and the film of liquid to ensure uninterrupted activity and facilitate chemical reactions, so as to ensure the development evenly. Usually in the slot nozzle fitted sheet ring holder, liquid toward the film emulsion side to fan. Some machines are also fitted with a stirrer in the tank, with vigorous stirring instead of injection.

There are clear film surface electric apparatus before the procedure droplets between each step to reduce pollution on the next step of the solution. By way of high-pressure air blowing of air knife、suction vacuum suction brush type﹑soft rubber sheet holder plate and soft rubber squeeze rollers, etc., or a mixture of several ways.

Processing machine work principals:

This machine consists of developing, fixing, washing and drying of four parts. Display, fixing and washing in part by a deep groove and drive architecture as to ensure the development of quality and efficiency; drying system includes far-infrared quartz heating elements and a pair of long standing fan of the dryer, in order to ensure the development of film in a short period of time dry and reduce the space, rolls, wheels and all wet dryer driven by an AC motor horsepower. Before processing the film, the first power, washing machine electrical work a washing process. Reperfusion pump, to reach the desired level, the dryer, the developing solution raised to the desired working temperature, after which washing machine is in a wait state, then only a drying fan and circulating pump. When processed film, the first film by a transmission mounted on the side panel of drag through the sensor switch detects when the film is detected, the washing machine into the wash delivery system status and start bagging system drying heater and fan, while waiting lights, keep to the edge by dragging the film sensing switch, after about 10s, wait for the lights go out and ringing sound signal, indicating that the next film can be fed. Film developing tank mounted on the input wheel away, the drive roller to wash the film transfer, when flushed by the first developing tank when leaving the excess liquid from the output rollers clear that this process in fixing, washing and drying Repeat, the electronic control circuit will give it away in the washing machine switch off, keep the flushing work for about 4min, to ensure that the film is completely flush.

Rinse and dry after processing the film reached the top of the machine output area, thereby completing a film of water, dried whole process.

Processing machine maintenance and its repair:


Washing machine maintenance is divided into daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance cleaning inspection checks. That is all cleaned daily cleaning inspection was fixing planes every day, on the cover and housing. Weekly cleaning Check That move was cleaning the fixing and wash racks, shelves full inspection to ensure that the roll rotate freely with a sponge and warm wool pad or cannot afford a non-metallic outer surface cleaning rinse tank. Monthly check or a monthly cleaning should arrange 2h, thoroughly cleaned developing, fixing and washing systems. After a thorough cleaning, the display, the fixing tank clean warm water injection, and install the turret. Power, so washing machine transmission and circulation system continuously drive 15min, final cleaning, checking whether a foreign body wash tank and drained the tank filled with warm water before. Check the display, the fixing leaks and flush pump catheters and various pump base mounting bolts to ensure safety.

That annual maintenance check on each shelf drive gear and replace worn and damaged gear, adjust the main drive belt, check and clean the display, the fixing reperfusion system, add oil in the lubrication points. Learn washing machine works and good preventive maintenance is to extend the life of washing machine, no fault, ensure the normal operation of the fundamental guarantee. Therefore, we should earnestly fulfill the requirements.