Veterinary X-Ray Machine

We supply wide variety of Veterinary X-ray Machine for your selection, such as High Frequency Veterinary X-ray Machine, which is a standard X-ray photography medical diagnosis products, and which is available for wards, emergency, operating room, ICU and the like. An movable diagnosis devices for photography of body locutions like head, arms, thoracic cavity and waist abdomen.

Unique Features including charming appearance, and simple to move and work; Possess all the functions of all the mobile X-ray photography equipments and Rocker arm use the patent technology of single-arm support and self-balanced. This technology makes the appearance and operation far more pretty and helpful. Moreover, complete-purpose, mobile X-ray system, dedicated for radiography of standing, seated or recumbent clients and even for patients in bed or on the operating table and as a standby emergency unit.